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Top5 Men Who Might Be Richer Than The World Government: By Postingday

History is probably the most enjoyable subject of discourse to many, while some find solace in the fun-filled lifestyle of the people recorded in it.
At Postingday.com we have created a unique compilation of Top5 Men Who Might Be Richer Than The World Government .
Let’s take a ride back into the AD’s, BC’s and hopefully our time.
1. Mansa Musa- This man is worth billions of dollars back in his time. 415billion dollars.(149,317,000,000,000.00 naira) He was an emperor, who conquered west Africa, and he had a dominating rule over Ghana and Mali. He was known as the "Man Behind The Gold". He owned 99% of all Golds in the world. His major investment channel was supplying of gold. Some of his greatest achievements like the building of schools, mosque and universities are still surviving the harsh brute of nature till today, even many more years to come.
2. King Solomon- 2.2Trillion Dollars. (Around 719,600,000,000,000.00 naira) The Holy Bible recorded King Solomon as the richest man to ever walked on earth. He ruled Israel for 40years and was renowned for his wise and inbuilt ability to handle crucial situations. He receives 666 Golds yearly as a gift token, which could be totaled at £86,000. You are free to calculate that in today's exchange rates. He also receives income from tax and trade, which are his major source of revenues. King Solomon built the first Jerusalem temple.
3. Augustus Ceazar - 4.63 Trillion Dollars (Around 1,439,200,000,000,000.00) Augustus Ceazar was the first emperor of the Roman empire. He single-handedly owned the entire country of Egypt.
4. Osman Ali Khan - 2 Billion Dollars.(719,600,000,000.00 naira) Aside from his documented network, research discovered that he might be richer than the stated facts. Osman Ali Khan was born in India, and he was a well established Diamond supplier globally. He was a Prince in India. In 1947, he was featured in Times Magazine. He earned massive income from land revenues, monthly royalties etc. He owned over 400 million dollars diamond collections. His generous lifestyle and free will heart gave him a great link among the people of India. He father over 149 children's.
5. Muammar Al Gathafi - 200 Billion Dollars.(71,960,000,000,000.00 naira) Gathafi was a revolutionary leader, political theorist and a master in the game of world politics. He owned a massive real estate business, trillion dollars worth of oil well, and numerous investments. He stored over 30 billion dollars in the UK, 30 billion in Germany, USA, France, and Italy. That's surely a huge sum of eye-pinching solid cash.
6. Copyrights Of Postingday.com
All the above-listed points are subjected to our scope of view, kindly add yours in the comments section provided below.
Source: Top5 Men Who Might Be Richer Than The World Government: By Postingday
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