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* Mrkunlex Social Democratic Party (Nigeria)

The Social Democratic Party of Nigeria, popularly known as SDP, was a political party created to
encompass the ideals of a center left political
organization. It was one of the products of a
democracy project by former President
Babangida to have two detribalized political parties,
one a little to the left and one for the right. However,
it was seen as a moderate party with a flavor for
young radical intellectuals and socialists. In its
manifesto, it called for concerted efforts to improve
the people's welfare and fight for
social justice.
Social Founded Ideology
Democratic 1980s/1990s
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Social justice
Party structure and strength
After the banning of 13 prospective parties by the
administration of Ibrahim Babangida in 1989. A few of
the "illegal" associations decided to re-align. The
People's Front of Nigeria, People's Solidarity Party and
the Nigerian Labor Party were the three main
inchoate groups that emerged to form the core
constituency of the new SDP. The leadership of the
party was mostly dominated by Northern Nigerians,
Babagana Kingibe elected party chairman in
1990 over his rival Mohammed Arzika. On the other
hand, the electoral strength of the party lain in the
Yoruba states and Imo and Anambra states. The
party won 57% of the Senate seats in the 1992
National Assembly election, and won 53% of the
seats of the House of Representatives in the same
election. The party was largely financed by the
Federal Government and a few individuals, such as
Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, Francis Nzeribe and
Abiola. In its primary elections, Yar'adua collated
about 480,000 votes dominating his primary
[1]opponent, Olu Falae in the first round. Another
financier, Abiola (a former member of the National
Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons and chairman
of the National Party of Nigeria) won the primary
election on March 1993, after the first election was
canceled. Abiola's contested the national election
which was later annulled, a seemingly coherent
legacy of Nigeria's swivelling and
revolving door like
political landscape.
Among former members, Atiku Abubakar, Jerry Gana,
Abubakar Rimi, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Umaru
Yar'Adua, Abdullahi Aliyu Sumaila, Dapo Sarumi, and
Mohammed Arzika later became senior figures in the
People's Democratic Party (PDP).
1.Energy: The State shall supervise adequate energy
supply for both industrial and social purposes
2. Rural Development: The State shall be committed
to the reduction of rural poverty and rural-urban
migrations through support for community
organizations and community development.
3. Mining and Petrochemicals: The State shall
exclusively ensure a responsible and controlled
exploitation of mineral resources.
4. Labour, Employment and Wages. There shall be
representation of Labour in all organs of government
dealing with the affairs of the working people. SDP
shall improve workers' welfare, the unemployment
situation and the quality of industrial arbitration.
5. Education: SDP shall ultimately provide free
education programs at all levels. SDP shall integrate
in the formal system the political education of the
6. Defense: SDP shall encourage as a deliberate policy
of self reliance, local production of arms and military
armament as well as exploring the possibilities of
setting up armament industries in locations within the
7. Police: SDP shall launch an in house political
education of among the police to change their
attitude to the state, perception of their and
obligations and relations with the citizenry.
SDP Revived
After the ban on old SDP as part of democratic
process of Major General Ibrahim Babangida. A new
merger party emerged in the name of SDP was
[2][3]formed by coalition of 13 political party. The
revived party contested for various political posts in
2015 Nigerian general elections conducted election
[4]except the President which conceded to People's
Democratic Party candidate Ex- President Goodluck
Ideology of the Revived Party
[7]According to Chief Olu Falae, SDP was created to
mount pressure on the two prominent Parties in
Nigeria People's Democratic Party and All Progressive
Congress. And also provide credible alternative to
Nigerians, as the SDP predates but the APC and PDP
and has a rich history of winning elections in Nigeria.
Reasons for the Reviving of the Party
In furtherance of the CREDIBLE demeocratic ideas
of the SDP after the mass endosement by the
Nigerian electorate in June 12 General Election of
To be the third political platform that will attract
Credible, Competent and Dynamic Leaders into
A platform that will truly fight corruption in Nigeria
and enthrone the RULE OF LAW
A congregation of patriot and social Democrats the
will give the people TRUE REPRESENTATION
A Rebirth of an Idological Party with structured
deliverables for the people
A truly National Party for all Nigerian devoid of
Imposition and Impunity
An inclusive Party that opens its political space for
Young Nigerians to further their political aspirations
A party this is Gender Sensitive and also in
Affirmative standing with people with Disability
A Party that will unify the Nigerian people and give
voice and action to their aspirations and desires
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