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* Mrkunlex Have you been wondering how to change and stylize fonts on WhatsApp app.. Then this
post is for you, kindly follow the steps below
to get started.
To change the font style, surround the text (or
parts of the text) with specific symbols:
To bold text, add an asterisk (*) before and
after the text. For example: *This text would
be bolded.*
To italicize text, add an underscore (_) before
and after the text. For example: _This text
would be italicized._
To strikethrough text, add a tilde (~) before
and after the text. For example: ~This text
would be struck through.~
To use WhatsApp's new FixedSys font, type
three backquotes (```) before and after the
desired text. For example, ```This text would
be changed to the FixedSys font.```
Tap ► to send the message. Your message
will be sent with the enclosed text now
changed. The receiver will see the changed
text instead of the formatting symbols.
It's pretty easy, right.
Please note that only text between the
formatting symbols will be affected.

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